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With this service you will enjoy instant updates on your account transactions. You will receive SMS messages to your mobile number informing you about the transactions conducted on your account.
SMS Express Service

Through this package you will receive instant SMS messages about the following transactions when they occur on your account(s): 

  • ATM cash withdrawal  by C.I.B Card
  • C.I.B card Purchases
  • Cash withdrawal over the counter
  • Cash deposit
  • Salary deposit
  • Cheque deposit
  • Inward transfer
  • Outward transfer
  • Visa debit card Purchase
  • Visa Debit card Withdrawal
  • Issued Cheque Returned
  • Deposited Cheque Returned
  • Cheque transferred to your account
  • ATM Reversal
  • Visa debit card reversal
  • General Reversal

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